Recover Stolen Crypto and lost Wallets.

Hire experienced forensic crypto recovery specialists that provide efficient crypto recovery services to enable clients recover stolen crypto and lost wallets. Contact us now to access your recovery. 

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recover stolen crypto and wallets

Recover lost crypto

Track, process and recover all sensitive data concerning client assets and transactions on the blockchain.

Forensic crypto analysis.

Investigate and identify relevant data on crypto transactions, thereby revealing all comprehensive KYC information within the blockchain to recover stolen bitcoin, crypto and wallets.

Locate Your Crypto

Access all information on the movement, location of assets to provide the best means to recover stolen bitcoins and crypto.

Crypto recovery services

Premium cutting edge blockchain and crypto recovery techniques that are proven to be successful 96.7% of the time.

Mapping digital assets

Forensic investigation of crypto transactions and movement trails to recover your funds is what we do best.

a reputable organisation.

We are trailblazing the forensic crypto investigation and recovery industry to assist victims of digital cryptocurrency fraud to recover stolen crypto and lost wallets.

Recover Stolen crypto and lost wallets.

Swift and Efficient Services to help recover stolen crypto wallets. We provide the best forensic blockchain procedures that guarantee premium recovery solutions in crypto transactions analysis, investigations and solutions recovery to enable people recover stolen crypto and lost wallets.

Years of Successful Recovery Services.
billion dollars recovered.
Satisfied Clients.

Our Team Mission.

We understand that every circumstance is unique, therefore we meticulously investigate each case with a zeal that guarantees our success in helping our clients easily recover stolen crypto and wallets. Contact us now, as time is also an important factor for successful crypto recovery services.

Frequently asked questions.
Most frequent questions and answers.
How do I know that Veritascryptorepo.com is the right recovery agency for me?.

Operating since 2015, Veritas has enabled thousands of clients to recover stolen crypto and wallets swiftly and efficiently. Subsequently we have successfully recovered funds for our clients in cases involving stock/crypto market fraud and scams, arbitrage/investment scams, online market transactions between individuals and organisations.

They say bitcoins are untraceable, how can you people claim to get them back?.

Bitcoin & crypto, unlike Monero a privacy based coin, is not completely untraceable. Bitcoin is Pseudonymous. It is now widely known that the bitcoin blockchain is being data mined by blockchain analysis companies. Therefore companies are able to de-anonymize bitcoin transactions with a high degree of accuracy. In conclusion, we can trace al transactions on the blockchain as every bitcoin or satoshi mined is recorded and tracked.

What to know about Ethereum.

Ethereum is a DIY platform for decentralized apps(or Dapps) that uses smart contracts. Likewise while bitcoin aims to decentralize money. Ethereum allows the decentralization of every ledger based record, such as voting rights, house registration, medical records and so on.

What is the process of Decryption?.

Decryption works retroactively. Once a system is broken, agencies can look back in time in their databases and read stuff they couldn’t read before. Above all we are able to recover stolen crypto through decryption.

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